Saturday, August 6, 2011

NASA: Planet of the Apes 2

On August 6, 1976, NASA's Venturer space capsule is on a mission in deep space. The Venturer resembles an Apollo capsule, but is substantially larger, with more supplies and equipment for a crew of three.

Commander Bill Hudson is the mission commander, seen using the microphone here. Apparently, he is from the US Navy. The other astronauts are pilot Judy Franklin (who apparently has previous experience with propeller-driven craft, as later seen) and Jeff Allen, an African-American. Under their spacesuits, Bill wears a white t-shirt, Judy wears a blue t-shirt, and Jeff wears a red t-shirt with a turtleneck. Judy wore a diamond ring on the mission.

Reference is made to Dr. Stanton's Theory of Time Thrust, which seems to indicate that the Venturer crew is testing a new time-travel drive, or faster-than-light drive. Since the ship lands without a parachute, that would seem to indicate it has a gravity landing drive as well. We do see that the ship contains at least one set of scuba gear, a high-powered hand-held laser drill, and a self-destruct charge. It appears that the ship's crew was expecting to land on Earth or a different planet, or in a different time, hence the highly unusual equipment.

The Venturer launched from Cape Kennedy. Later, Cape Kennedy was turned into a museum facility and NASA launched vehicles from a new launch facility in the middle of the Mojave desert.

On August 6, 2109, Colonel Roland 'Ronald' Brent launched from NASA's Mojave facility with a new, large vessel. Very little is known about it, but it appears to be as large as a 747 airplane, if not larger. Apparently, he was the only crew. Brent was born on May 2 (or May 5, sources vary), 2079.

The Venturer, astronauts Hudson, Allen, Franklin, and Brent, NASA's Cape Kennedy facility museum, and NASA's Mojave Launch Facility are all part of the Return to the Planet of the Apes animated television series. As such, they are part of Planet of the Apes Timeline-2.

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