Saturday, July 16, 2011

Moonbase Alpha

Moonbase Alpha, seen prominently throughout the Space: 1999 television series, is an advanced base. It is a major scientific research center, monitors the various nuclear-waste-disposal sites on the far side of the Moon, and is the training ground for astronauts of the Meta Probe. At least 311 people were assigned to the base when the Moon left Earth's orbit on September 13, 1999 (episode "Breakaway").

Various episodes state it was constructed in the 1980s ("Voyager's Return", "Death's Other Dominion") and in 1994, Nuclear Disposal Area One was closed down ("Breakaway").

John Koenig was assigned as the ninth Commander of Alpha on September 9, 1999, in an attempt to get the Meta Probe launched; he replaced Anton Gorski ("Breakaway"). Funding for Alpha comes from the International Lunar Finance Committee, although the base is under the leadership of the World Space Commission ("Breakaway"). Surface transport is by Moonbuggy; long-distance transport is via Eagle Transporter ("Breakaway").

Part of the Space: 1999 timeline.

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