Saturday, July 16, 2011

Space Dock (Space: 1999)

Space Dock The Space Dock appeared in the episode "Breakaway" of the television series Space: 1999.  Also appearing in "Dragon's Domain", it was an international space station in orbit around Earth's Moon.

The Ultra Probe from "Dragon's Domain" and the Meta Probe (seen above with the Space Dock in "Breakaway") were launched from this station.

The name 'Centuri Space Dock' was coined by the author of the Starlog Technical Notebook and was never used in the series.

The Space Dock was destroyed when the Moon was blasted out of Earth orbit on September 13, 1999, during the events of the episode "Breakaway" (although a news announcer, in a broadcast picked up by departing Alphans, states that it was merely blown from orbit, it was clearly destroyed). Presumably, gravitational stresses tried to pull the Meta Probe off the station, while the automatic station-keeping thrusters of the Space Dock probably fired automatically in an attempt to keep the Dock's orbit stabilized. If the Dock actually survived, it would have been severely damaged when the Meta Probe tried to tear itself away. Since the Probe was nearing launch, it was probably in the process of fueling, explaining why it exploded and (apparently) took the station with it.

The Space Dock is part of the Space: 1999 timeline.

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